Julian Layn is a classical composer. His unique form of music is threading a romantic-era harmonic structure underpinned by a heavy basso-continuo concept. Besides an extensive catalogue of compositions for piano solo, his oeuvre includes the Concerto No. 1 for Piano and Orchestra "Heavy Clouds Over Vast Wide Open" in G-flat minor (premiered in 2002), the Concerto No. 2 for Piano and Orchestra "The Epocalypse" in D-flat minor (premiered in 2008) and the Sonata for Piano "The Queen" in floating tonality (premiered in 2015). Julian's search for unique sound topologies have resulted in works like "The Piano Drop" and "The Motronome" but first and foremost the "PA-Piano", his effect-pedal sound designed grand piano.


Julian has released two full-length solo piano albums of his own compositions that were sound engineered by Martin Pearson, the sound engineer of Keith Jarrett's recent releases. His music is available on all major music platforms. For scores, check the score shop for new releases.


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"...there is a bravura and intensity to his musical performance that is both immediate and memorable..." by Sean Rourke, Artistic Director Arts for Life Festival Edinburgh


"...the talent this man has is mind-blowing..." by Rose Paul, St Pauls Lifestyle Magazine


"...in a symphony without symphonicians, bound to the primeval-instrument of Prokovjew, the piano." by Frank Körber, Publiker Magazine


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