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Here you will find Julian's latest score releases. Don't hesitate to drop us a note if you have any questions or suggestions about the individual instrument scores. We're also happy to hear any feedback on the score engraving or if you happen to stumble over a typo. Enjoy!

Piano Pieces


The piano Piece Laura was composed 2008 and premiered on the occasion of Julian's Kaufleuten concert in 2010.


Download the full score in pdf format here

Download an audio sample, based on a NotePerformer3 playback, in mp3 format here

Orchestral Pieces

Thunderstorm Trilogy (TTsnippet)

The Thunderstorm Trilogy is the pinnacle moment in the 2nd movement of the Concerto No. 1 for Piano and Orchestra Heavy Clouds over Vast Wide Open in G-flat minor. This snippet ot the Thunderstorm Trilogy gives you a first insight of Julian's hand writing towards orchestration.

Score and audio sample for full orchestra

The orchstral score is engraved by LilyPond 2.20.0


Download the full score here.

Score and audio sample for instrument groups

Here, you'll find the scores for the three instrument groups and the solo instrument, the piano

Score and audio sample for the individual instrument parts

Here, you'll find the scores and audio samples of the individual instrument parts

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